Visit to Car Museums

A few weeks (two) ago some of you may have watched my YouTube video (see below) about a car tour that I went on.   The tour was a visit to 2 car museums in an Austin Mini.

The first museum I visited was the Wijnland Auto museum.  They had many vehicles, restored classic/new cars.  My favourite car was this restored classic Austin Mini. There was another old one but it was in too bad a condition for me to have as a project car. All the cars parked outside were complete classic rust buckets, literally. But the cars undercover were amazing classic cars.  None of the cars are ever sold and you are allowed to touch the cars, but you can’t open the doors.

Next we headed to the Franschhoek Motor museum. One of the cars on display was Nelson Mandela’s  2004 BMW. They have 4 warehouses.  In each warehouse they had about 20-30 cars. This museum is owned by Anton Rubert and they change the cars on display every half a year. Here you can’t touch the vehicles.

Then on our way back we went to MacDonald’s for lunch and then we drove home and I forgot my tripod in the Austin Mini.

Thanks to Eben at Nobody Famous for this amazing tour, another homeschool outing.

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