Muizenberg History Tour

Last week I went for a walking tour in Muizenberg. It was a historical tour that lasted almost three hours and this is some of the things l learnt when visiting some of the sites, including the Kramat, library and Het Posthuys museum. This was another homeschool learing experience for me.

The Kramat is in Muizenberg park and the man who is buried there is Sayed Abdul. The tour guide told us that he was shot in the back when he ran away, because he didn’t want to be a slave. His grave was discovered by a lady said that she was told about the grave in a dream. The Kramat is a holy shrine of Islam and is the grave of a holy man of the Muslim faith.

The Muizenberg library building used to be a first a fire station and they used to tie the horses up outside. It is a historical building, like most of the buildings in Muizenberg.

I also went to the Het Pothuys museum, one of the first buildings in Muizenberg. It was built in the 1600s and was built as a lookout post for any enemies.

The holes in the building wall was used to create an extra floor to increase space when the small building had lots of people seeking shelter.

September is heritage month in South Africa and already I’ve learnt so much about local history. History is all around us and we don’t even know it!

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