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Ferdinand Porche came up with the initial idea or design of the Beetle in 1931. During World War 2 the production of the Beetle for civilian use was switched to production of the car for military in 1939.

It was the main car produced during the War period and was ideal for the the African dessert. This car’s history is so entrenched in the World War that I will have to ask my mom to explain and read it to me.

It is the most manufactured car ever, and in 1951 South Africa finally saw its first Beetle roll off the production line in Uitenhage. I also found out that the car was used for rally/drift racing.

The Beetle is a classic car, fun to be in and to see. This is why I am choosing it as my project car.

You too can be part of my car restoration project by backing me as a supporter here – thank you.

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