Market Day

Today was market day at my school, it was fun. I went to the market. Market day is when the Gr. 7 sells things at my school. Like you know those markets you get where you  can buy stuff, only difference is its at my school.

I entered a movies raffle for 2, and then I bought this mouth spray thing, it was called Alien. We had to pay R10 to get it and it was R4 for a refill. So the bottle is probably R6 and the contents R4 so it equals R10. I refilled once.


This Alien spray is addictive, because I wanted to buy more and more, and every time I just sprayed it in my mouth.

Then I bought 2 small pancakes, R5 each equals R10. Then I bought a milkshake, and that is basically the end my followers.


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