Oh No Joe!

This is a fictional story . . . 

You hear the wind whistling in the night. You wake up sometimes. Remember, the wind woke you up. Swooosh. You go back to sleep.

Okay, it’s the morning now. You wake up you went on your phone/apple/tablet. And you’re like “argh nothing really new, let me check out Facebook”. Urgh! You realise you’ve not posted on Facebook in a long time, you need to get this sorted out.

You need to take a day off work. Let Bobby do your work for you! Now he won’t mind – he can just get your month’s paycheck. It is just a month’s paycheck.

You get in your car, you turn the key upwards all the way, down again, up again, down again, up again. Dangit! The car won’t start. And you think. “Man, I need to get my car fixed!” And now you really need that paycheck, it’s the last day of the month.

Oh, but then you remember, you get enough money from your own business. And you realise that you can survive one day without your car, “I mean, what can happen in a day”.

Ring-ring, ring-ring – goes your phone.

“It’s Joe. He’s in hospital, he was in a car crash.” Says Bob.

“What car was he driving?” you ask Bob.

“He was driving the Rolls Royce Ghost Series 2” comes the reply.

You realise you need to get there quickly. You call a cab on 1099. “Sir, we can only get to you in an hour or two”

And that is the end of my fictional story.

*I dictated this story to my mom.

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