I Had a Bad Day!

Today I had a bad day and you will soon see why.

During second break I went to check up on my bike with my friend. Then these teachers came and they asked my friend if it is his bike. He said, “no it is Kai’s bike”. Then they asked me if it is my bike and I say, “yes it is my bike”.

Then the first teacher said, “go away from the bike”. We stood there by my bike for 7 seconds, then second teacher came and said, “GO AWAY FROM THE BIKE”.


I felt like saying it is my fuzzing bike, but I did not say that. We walked away from MY bike and whispered about it and spent the entire break talking about it!

Then later when I came home I was fighting with my mom and having bad meltdowns.

PS – when I write I will use the word fuzz instead of swearing, just like Typical Gamer.


6 thoughts on “I Had a Bad Day!”

  1. Awww I’m sorry you had a bad day, good job using other words besides curse words, my son is 10 and he has a hard time not saying curse words when he gets mad, he also has aspergers.

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